Employer help and advice

'Find a job' is a free service from the Department for Work and Pensions where you can post jobs.

To create an employer account and post a job, click here:

  • Go to the Create an account page. Enter your email address and set a password.
  • You will get an email. Click the link in the email to activate your account.
  • The link expires within 30 minutes. If you have not received the email, check your junk folder to see if it’s in there. If you are having difficulties receiving the link, then please add to your safe senders list.

If the link has expired you will need to start the registration process again. You can use the same email address.

Once you have created your company and posted your first job your account will be validated by DWP before the job is viewable on our website. Your account will usually be verified within 1 weekday unless we require further information from you (at which point you'll receive an email from us; please remember to check your junk and spam folders). During busy periods it may take a little longer to verify your account, so we ask that you wait 3 working days before contacting us to check progress.

Your account will normally remain active with regular use. If you do not log in to your account for 12 months, you will receive an email telling you that your account will be deactivated if you do not take any action within a given time period.

Posting job adverts

Be careful of the language you use in your job advert. Avoid any language that could be discriminatory or offensive.

For example:

  • 'barmaid' and 'barman' specify gender
  • 'recently retired' and 'office junior' suggest an age
  • 'physically fit' may deter disabled applicants

Sometimes we review a job posting before it goes live. In these circumstances, your posting will be in a status of 'awaiting checks'. We aim to review job postings within 1 weekday.

Creating a copy of a job advert

If you would like to quickly post a new job advert by using the content from an existing ad, you can do this by creating a copy of the ad.

You can create a copy of a live ad by clicking on 'Edit' in your company job listing and then selecting 'Create a copy' at the bottom of the screen. You can then edit the ad content as required and post. Please note this will create a new ad with a new url and ad id.

You can also create a copy of a deleted ad by clicking on 'View' in your company job listing and then selecting 'Create a copy' at the bottom of the page. You can then edit the ad content as required and post. Please note that ads which have been deleted by our support team cannot be copied.

Please also note that bulk uploaded ads cannot be copied manually.

Translation (English / Welsh)

If you would like to request a Welsh/English translation of your advert content, please make a request through our Contact us form selecting the "I'm an Employer and I need help posting my job adverts" option. Please head your message with "Welsh/English advert content translation request" and detail the advert title and description to be translated. The translated content will be returned to you via email, which you can then use to post your advert using the standard methods. Please note that we can only translate adverts into Welsh that are either based in Wales or require Welsh language skills.

Bulk uploading jobs

You can add multiple jobs through a secure file transfer known as 'bulk upload'.

The instructions and technical details are available here

There's no lower limit to the number of jobs you can post in this way, or how often.

However you need to follow a number of technical steps to use it. So if you're not regularly posting lots of jobs you may prefer to post jobs one by one.

If you want to proceed, you can request your bulk upload credentials from your employer account. Our service provider currently issues bulk upload credentials on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The credentials will appear within your account under the 'bulk upload' section' (you need to be an Administrator to see this section).

All data in the processed and outbound files within your SFTP account will be deleted after 30 days of being uploaded and processed. Please note that this is so the service conforms with GDPR requirements and to retain optimal performance.

Managing your account

Within your account, you can post, edit and delete jobs.

If you are the primary administrator of the account, then you can add other recruiters. Click on ‘add recruiter’, fill in all of the required fields and submit the form. The system will then generate an activation email to the recruiter’s email address which must be actioned within 30 minutes or the activation link will expire. You can also add other companies, for example, if you own more than one business.

Please note that there can only ever be one primary administrator associated with a company account. If you are the primary administrator of a company account and no longer wish to be so, then you can make another recruiter associated with the company account the primary administrator.

If you forget your password

You can reset your password if you need to. Enter the email address you used to create the account. You will get an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Keeping and deleting job adverts

When it's been over 14 months since you deleted your job advert we will remove it permanently. This means all your saved information about the job advert will be removed from Find a job. If you want to keep your job adverts save them offline before you delete them.

Keeping and deleting company accounts

When it's been 13 months since your company posted a job we will send you an email. If you don't post a job advert within 1 month of the email, you'll have to create a new company account. This means all your saved information in the old company account will be lost.

Keeping and deleting employer accounts

When it's been over 13 months since you used your employer account we will send you an email. If you don't sign in to your employer account within 1 month of the email, you'll have to create a new employer account. This means all your saved information in the old employer account will be lost. If you are the administrator this does not apply to your account.

Disability Confident

If you are registered with the scheme and wish the 'Disability Confident' logo to be displayed on your job postings then you can request this via your Find a job company account by editing your company details and selecting 'registered' within the Disability confident section. Please input your DCS reference number when prompted if you do know it.

You can find out more about the Disability Confident scheme (opens in a new window).

If you no longer want your adverts to be labelled with the Disability Confident badge, contact us and select 'I'm an Employer and I need help with my account'. Please provide your company name and company postcode.

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