Care Assistants for a man in the Willington area £12.00 per hour

Job details
Posting date: 23 May 2024
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 22 June 2024
Location: Crook, DL15
Company: UKCIL
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: 6543da8d

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Care Assistants for a man in the Willington area £12.00 per hour

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Job Description

Do you possess an NVQ in Health & Social Care or working towards it? Do you have experience of working with young people? If so, I have an exciting opportunity for you to work in a team as a Support Worker to support me to live in the community.

My name is Adam aged 30 years who lives in Willington and because I had a serious road accident this caused damaged to my brain, but it has always been my goal to move back into the community with a 24/7 1-1 care package to meet my needs.

I currently live in a care home, but I now have a 2-bedroom bungalow in Willington County Durham, and I need a Direct Payment care team 24/7 to support me to live safely in the community.


The sort help I need is someone who will work with me and help me with my independence such as making my meals and making sure I am safe when showering.

I will need someone to encourage and support me with ensuring my home remains clean and tidy and any domestic chores such as laundry and ironing.

I walk with a walking frame and partially sighted in one eye after the accident, and I need someone with me to ensure I get around safely such as crossing the road.

Due to my brain injury I do not always filter what I think and may say things that come in my head, whether that is to a carer or member of the public, which people have explained is due to my brain injury and I do not always turn ‘on/off my filter switch’ like other people can and I require an understanding carer to help me with this especially when out in the community and people may not understand.

I will need someone with me to ensure I do my shopping and stick to a budget, and I would like to do things like other 30-year-olds such as going to the cinema, going to the pub for a meal, gym, swimming, and just normal activities that people enjoy doing.

Hours /Wage

I would like a care team of 4/5 to allow for holidays, sickness, training, and rostered days off.

It is really important that I have the right carers and I am better suited for a male worker or a mature female experienced carer.

The shifts will be 12 hours 8am to 8pm then 8pm to 8am but the night you will have your own bedroom to sleep.

Wage rate - £12.00 per hour

You will also be paid holiday pay.

I will consider applications of those who may just want to work nights, but obviously this must fit in with the care team rota.

I am considering a 2-week rota which means you will have a weekend off every second week.

Additional Requirements/Information

Ideally, I would like someone with caring experience, especially with head injury given my neurological issues.

I would ideally like someone with experience of working with head injury people because I appreciate my needs may be seen as challenging at times, but that said it is just as important to have the right caring, understanding, friendly, empathetic, perceptive, patient, reliable, and emotionally intelligent personality.

I hope to purchase a car when I leave the care home and it would be an advantage if someone can drive to enable me to put on my car insurance and drive us and go out for days, but a licence is not essential.

For the role an Enhanced DBS will be required, but I will cover this cost.

Sleep ins will be required but you will have your own bed and bedroom to retire to.

I am a smoker and I do not have an issue with carers smoking but all I ask is that they smoke outside my bungalow as I will be doing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Care
  • Social + Leisure activities
  • Support to remain independent

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