Personal Care Assistant for a gentleman P/T £14.00/hr in Durham - FTE - £29.1k

Job details
Posting date: 26 May 2023
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 24 June 2023
Location: DURHAM, DH1
Company: UKCIL
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: e9bc212d

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Personal Care Assistant for a gentleman P/T @ £14.00/hr in Durham - FTE - £29.1k

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A trustworthy, capable person is needed to support a friendly family with a disabled, bed-bound husband. The wife works full time from home and there is a teenage son.

Support is needed for domestic duties, primarily around cooking and bringing meals, cleaning and light personal care. It is very important that the applicant can cook well as a very specific diet is followed. Experience of running a family home is desirable, a calm friendly nature is needed!

Hours are regularly 10am - 1pm, Monday to Wednesday

There will also be two/three weeks of holiday cover needed a year (during school holidays) with split shifts 10am - 1pm and 5-7pm

And occasional extra cover (to be arranged with carer) to cover work trips for the wife (approximately two weeks in total during term-time) and v occasional weekends (to be worked out with carer).

We are looking for a long-term carer who is a quick-learner, kind, reliable and capable - who can work on their own initiative, in return we can provide a friendly work environment with a reliable and kind family with work hours predominately during school hours.

Key Responsibilities

  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Care

  • Essential PA Guide
  • Safeguarding Adults/Children
  • Food Hygiene
  • Hand hygiene

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