Kickstart - Assistant Relationship Manager

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Posting date: 17 November 2021
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 16 February 2022
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, NE31SQ
Company: DWP Kickstart Scheme
Job type: Temporary
Job reference: V0000362185

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To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old.

Trusted Business Partner Limited

TBP - Trusted Business Partner Ltd is an FCA appointed, NACFB registered finance brokerage based in Newcastle. Myself and my business partner are both Chartered Institute of Bankers accredited and both have over 15 years in industry. We raise funding for clients where the banks are unable to support, and help clients understand and work around what is a complex and wildly expansive financial market. We mainly work in Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Trade Finance, Commercial Property and Business Loans.

Our website is currently being re-skinned but there are multiple press articles about our work available on the internet.

The job basically is:

The initial role is that of an Assistant Relationship Manager (ARM) and this would to be to support myself and my business partner in a number of roles including but not limited to:

Managing a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management system)
Managing CRM action points
Client and Introducer contact
Internal file management
Social Media and Marketing
Documentation preparation, management and managing pay-outs.

Basic financial due diligence
Lead Generation - Warm/Cold calling may be part of the role.

In terms of a candidate it’s up to them where they want to take things on and it’s purely up to them and their ambition; this can be a stepping stone role in the business. In this role, it is very much walk before you run and we’d like to give anyone who comes in the option and ability to grow.

As the business does work in financial services, a clean personal credit record and criminal record is a must as you will have to be accredited by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Ideally someone with a background in banking, finance or business to business to business sales would be ideal but someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, honest, with a drive to succeed, a good personable manner and lots of ambition will ultimately be the most suited candidate.

A role would be considered at 25 hours and 35 hours.
The role, further down the line, also offers the opportunity to supplement the persons wages through commission from bringing in your own clients and running certain transactions.

Office move to happen soon. Will be based n Gosforth or Newcastle city centre area.

The only strict criteria:
Clean criminal record and personal credit history. You have to be externally vetted by the FCA.

The ideal candidate will have to have:

Ability to use Microsoft Office - Essentially Outlook, Excel, Word.
Knowledge and understanding of manage Social Media

Be highly organised to manage: One internal and two external diaries, manage and update a CRM system and manage and conduct a standard client contact strategy.

Depending on candidate 25 hours minimum to 35 hours. To be confirmed with candidate.

National Minimum Wage

Within the first few weeks, the candidate will learn the basics of the role and learning the basics of “in-house” they will then start to learn about the business and supporting myself and my business partner in our day to day works. A roadmap will be created with the successful candidate to integrate you into the team and grow your internal communications skills.
We interact daily with funders and client. The next stage will be to learn how to interact with these people, take sensible and detailed notes learn to hold basic conversations to aid information collection. The future will see the person attending networking events and building a profile and presence for themselves.

All condidates will be brought through a continuous personal development plan with a end of week, discussion to check what they have learnt and improved. Our work is very technical and when the person can demonstrate that they can manage the day to day activities of the bsuiness, they will be then pushed to keep learning in new ways to benefit themselves and the business.
If someone wants to stay within administration element of the business, they will be encouraged to push themselves through that.
If someone wishes to learn more on the financial side of our works, they will be encouraged to learn more on that side and can eventually be put through the a formal broker training course.

The successful candidate will be given exposure to a wide variety of different people, businesses and new experiences from meeting clients to networking. The list can be as wide and varied as the candidate.

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