Kickstart - Marketing Trainee

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Posting date: 22 December 2021
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 16 February 2022
Location: Home-based, W1T4TQ
Company: DWP Kickstart Scheme
Job type: Temporary
Job reference: V0000249543

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To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old.

Fisher IT Asset Consulting Limited

FisherITS is a specialist software asset management consultancy firm and we work with many large corporations in FTSE100 or Globe Fortune 500. Current employees are mostly from the Big 4 consulting arm, large software vendors, IT services company background. The marketing trainee will be supporting our marketing team and the key job responsibilities are:

To provide relevant analysis of marketing data gained through all communication channels to inform marketing communications decision making
Support the marketing manager in understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to improve customer awareness
Work collaboratively with stakeholders and use customer-centric insight to influence the marketing strategy and encourage advantageous outcomes for the company and its customers
Ability to interview internal stakeholders to translate highly technical information into marketing insights in accordance to Tone of Voice
Assisted in preparing or designing new service description, case studies, monthly newsletter
Working with the team and partners to define the ongoing inbound campaigns, running targeted LinkedIn campaigns to small lists of high priority target customers
Organise regular online workshops and webinars with consultants and partners
Design and conduct customer satisfaction surveys and monitor client ratings
Measure the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and communications strategies
Assisted in Design marketing materials such as presentation, white papers, email headers
Support marketing department with print and design to coordinate entire corporate uniqueness plus collateral materials.

This is an entry-level role to include various skills, and you will be exposed to several areas to gain knowledge in sales and marketing, client communication, business development.

Good team player
Good written and verbal communication skills
Analytical skills
Active Listener
Time Management
Graphic Designing skills
IT knowledge

Working pattern to be in the normal working week

£8.20 or minimum wage for age group

The kickstarter will work under our software engineering team to develop the key competencies. Discussion will be held regarding performance objectives and introduce ways to measure the development path for Kickstarter. We have a mature on-boarding process to include completing timesheets, submitting expense claims, accessing resource libraries. We will also provide key training so the Kickstarter can spend more intensive time learning about the specifics of the role. Throughout we also offer e-learning training or on-the-job coaching, which will teach technical areas around the role and competencies such as time management, organisation, efficiency, communication and presentations general lots more transferable skills around this role The firm mostly consisted of certified professionals with many years of industry experience, who can provide in-depth expertise. The Kickstarter will join weekly corporate calls, social events to have the opportunity to communicate with different members in the group. We are also working alongside many recruitment partners who will provide guidance with CV preparation, interview prep and finding a future role with their many connections as also helping with any wrap-around support. We are hoping the Kickstarter will stay with us, but we are prepared to ensure support to look for future work if they do not want to stay or the company cannot afford to keep them. Our recruitment partners, alongside our own support, will also offer 90 minute 1:1s. This will take place alongside the companys own comprehensive support, which will be more extensive than our own support we have offered. Alongside our own in-person training, that will provide basic skills in communication, team-work, time management and all skills needed to work alongside others in the workplace, we will provide unique and in depth training in the area of expertise, in this case marketing and the tasks involved around this listed in the job description

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