Kickstart - Teaching Assistant / Learning Assistants

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Posting date: 04 October 2021
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 27 October 2021
Location: Leicester, LE20SA
Company: DWP Kickstart Scheme
Job type: Temporary
Job reference: V0000318394

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To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old.

Al-Islamia Institiute For Education

Supervise and provide particular support for pupils, including those withspecial needs, ensuring their safety and access to learning activities.
Assist with the development and implementation of Individual.

Education/Behaviour plans and Personal Care programmes. Establish constructive relationships with pupils and interact with themaccording to individual needs.

Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils.

Encourage pupils to interact with others and engage in activities led by theteacher

Set challenging and demanding expectations and promote self-esteem andindependence.

Provide feedback to pupils in relation to progress and achievement underguidance of the teacher.

Create and maintain a purposeful, orderly and supportive environment, inaccordance with lesson plans and assist with the display of pupils’ work.

Use strategies, in liaison with the teacher, to support pupils to achievelearning goals.

Assist with the planning of learning activities.

Monitor pupils’ responses to learning activities and accurately recordachievement/progress as directed.

Provide detailed and regular feedback to teachers on pupils’ achievement,progress, problems etc.

Promote good pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidentsin line with established policy and encourage pupils to take responsibility for
their own behaviour.

Ability to communicate clearly with Teachers and younger individuals
Ability to create an encouraging learning environment for pupils
Be able to effectively convey messages to parents and other stakeholders
Be able to confidently assess students need with training.
A clear criminal record for Safeguarding purposes.

Flexible and similar to school timings


Highfield Level 1 Certificate in Personal Development for Employability

This suite of Personal Development for Employability qualifications has been developed to provide individuals with the knowledge and understanding to enhance their success in employment in a range of different occupational sectors. The content and structure of each qualification is designed to be flexible for learners to achieve a variety of employment-based skills.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

These qualifications have been designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of a differentrange of different learner requirements. The programme duration of each qualification will be dependent on a number of factors including the credit size of the qualification chosen whether award, certificate or diploma and the choice of delivery model selected ty the centre.

How is the qualification assessed?

These qualifications can be delivered and assessed in a flexible manner based on the requirements of the centres and the needs of learners. Most units can be assessed through the production of a portfolio of evidence; however, some units are assessed through multiple-choice question papers. A selection of units requires learners to undertake practical exercises to demonstrate their competence. Learners who successfully complete this qualification will gain the skills and knowledge required to start work in a variety of different sector areas.

What next?

Learners successfully completing this qualification may wish to progress to the Highfield Level 2 Personal Development for Employability qualifications or sector-specific vocational qualifications or an apprenticeship.

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