Kickstart - Residential Support Assistant

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Posting date: 22 October 2021
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 31 October 2021
Location: Hove, BN36EF
Company: DWP Kickstart Scheme
Job type: Temporary
Job reference: V0000309979

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To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old.

St. Johns School & College

a) To support named young people entering St. John’s for the first time, moving between residential units or leaving the service, enabling them to prepare for the change, and to become familiar with the new environment and responding to any distress they may experience.

b) Assist residents with self-care independence skills including eating, drinking, washing, bathing, using the toilet or managing incontinence, dressing and undressing, mobility and transport, getting up and going to bed, and the administration of medication.

c) Participate in the assessment, development, implementation and review of placement/support plans for resident young people.

d) Assist the key worker for named young people for the development, implementation, monitoring and review of placement/support plans.

e) In partnership with medical and therapeutic staff, participate in the promotion of the health, welfare, emotional and social development of resident young people.

f) In partnership with the education staff, promote the educational attainment of resident young people by contributing to the development of Individual Learning Plans and supporting the young person in working towards agreed targets in the residential units.

g) Support residents in accessing appropriate leisure activities on site and off site.

h) In partnership with the education staff and the Speech and Language Therapist promote the communication skills of residents.

i) Work in conjunction with the St John’s Behaviour Support team & other relevant colleagues in the assessment, development, implementation and review of programmes aimed at enabling resident young people to manage their challenging behaviour including undertaking risk assessments.

j) Ensure that residents’ care files are updated and accurate and maintained.

k) Work in partnership with the families and friends of resident young people to promote their health, welfare and development.

l) Work in partnership with members of resident young persons’ professional network to promote their health, welfare and development.

m) Work as a member of the staff team, co-operating fully and communicating openly and effectively with other team members.

n) Act as liaison for Health related issues with relevant social services and health departments with a view to support Transition plans.

o) Participate in the practical running of the resident’s accommodation, maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in all areas of the house, sharing in shopping, meal planning and preparation, washing up and laundry as part of the learners’ independent living skills.

p) Store and transmit information and maintain accurate records in accordance with organisational policy, and ensure that any information concerning the health, welfare and development of a learner is accurately communicated to colleagues and managers.

q) When requested act as designated responsible Health and Safety person, thereby participating in the assessment of risk, reporting matters of concern to managers and complying in full with duties under the organisations Health and Safety policy

Experience in health and social care, medical mental health or education setting is not essential but desirable.

Passion and commitment to work with young people with Learning disabilities and/or challenging behaviour in enriching their wellbeing.

As the job entails supporting our young people within a residential setting, willingness to undertake personal/intimate care takes were required is essential.

Flexible shifts.

National Minimum Wage

Induction and ongoing bespoke training programme in employability and other relevant areas. This will include how to write a cv, covering letter, interview skills, searching for a job, presentation (informal and formal) skills, time management, etc. they will be assigned to a tutor group.
They will have weekly recorded meetings with a senior Residential Support Worker. They will have the opportunity to attend all inhouse training and to learn on the job through good role modelling.
Weekly training provided Wednesdays 2 hours per week 1pm-3pm.

Mentoring is key and we will assign a mentor for the duration of the programme with supervisions every half term (every 6 weeks).

Full induction equivalent to 3 days and Maybo training.

Access to our Learning and Development platform containing a wide range of training resources.

Access to our local benefits scheme.

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