Kickstart - Junior Pharmacy Assistant

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Posting date: 22 September 2021
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 31 December 2021
Location: Nottingham, NG73AQ
Company: DWP Kickstart Scheme
Job type: Temporary
Job reference: V0000235101

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To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old.

Jhoots Healthcare Limited

As a Junior Pharmacy Assistant, you will embark on your new career in Pharmacy and begin learning new skills and develop existing skills whilst working under the supervision of your branch manager.
You will be accompanied and supervised by pharmacy staff at all times for guidance and support as and when required.
You will receive a weekly call from the Head Office team via video link to learn employability skills which will include employment rights, health and safety information, job searching, CV writing and review, interview preparation, company policies and procedures timekeeping, attendance, appearance, professionalism, communication, IT usage etc.
Pharmacy specific activity includes:
Adhering to all aspects of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulations and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, ensuring good hygiene, cleanliness and a safe environment in the dispensary.
Maintaining the integrity and security of the dispensary by admitting only authorised personnel and ensuring that all medicines are stored as appropriate.
Serving customers and patients on shop floor.
Responding to queries from patients, pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes etc., whether by face-to-face contact, telephone, email, fax etc. - under strict supervision of a qualified professional.
Communicating effectively and regularly with other members of the dispensing team to ensure the accurate exchange of information relating to patients and their medication.
Ensuring that the correct medication and prescription is given to the patient, confirming the details shown on the prescription form and the label and confirming the dosage instructions where appropriate.
Assisting patients in accurately completing any forms required.
Assist patients with queries.

Excellent IT skills
Communication skills
Well presented
Able to work alone as well as part of a team

Monday to Friday, 5 hours per day, between 9am to 6pm

National Minimum Wage

All placements will be provided with an on boarding programme. This will cover the duties they will need to carry out in their role. Many of these skills will be transferrable.
They will be introduced to basic employment rights and employer expectations, and will be expected to adhere to Company policies - including attendance/timekeeping.
They will be given online modules to complete in relation to employability skills including communication, skill self-assessments, job searching, CV writing, interview preparation, teamwork and problem solving.
The workers will have regular meetings with a head office representative via video call to guide them through employability skills, review their work and provide feedback.

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