Senior Health Economist | NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit

Job details
Posting date: 22 April 2021
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 22 May 2021
Location: Flexible, SE1 6LH
Company: Midlands and Lancashire CSU
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: 3067044/877-CSU-3067044

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The Health Economics Unit is looking for enthusiastic Senior Health Economist to join our growing team. The post holder will be an employee of the NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (CSU). This is a great opportunity to work in the NHS performing complex evaluations of innovation and to work with a range of stakeholders including other NHS organizations, academia, SMEs and Industry.

The HEU has been created to deliver impactful insights that power the future development of health and care delivery. Our experts support health system and industry leaders to make the best possible decisions and design the highest quality, most efficient and innovative services to improve the health of communities across the country.

The HEU is a specialist team hosted by the NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU), one of five CSUs across the UK responsible for providing a range of services and support to clients including clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), hospital trusts, local authorities, integrated care systems (ICSs) and other public bodies.
The role
Reporting to the Head of Health Economics you will form part of an expert team who can:
• Understand the context within which our customers operate and assist them to identify and structure the problems they need to address. You will have a good knowledge of the National Health Service, its organisational structures and operational processes and an appetite to learn more.
• Select the most appropriate evaluation, health economic modelling and analytic techniques including where possible, the use of real world data for analyses. You will bring excellent skills grounded in an appropriate academic discipline such as health economics.
• Interpret and explain the results of economic analyses to senior managers and clinicians, conveying both the key findings and the critical uncertainties that remain. Having conducted your analysis, you will be keen to share it, highlighting the significance of your results to those that can make use of them.
• Take advantage of the wealth of data that The Health Economics Unit has secured to address the big questions that face the health service of today and tomorrow.
• The position is client-facing and the postholder will be required to lead on evaluations and health economic modelling projects.

The postholder responsibilities will include:
• Developing logic models and evaluation frameworks including mixed method approaches to evaluate medicines and technologies such as medical devices and digital solutions
• Gathering/generating evidence to inform the adoption of innovations
• Supporting the delivery of health economics services to both public and private sectors
• Designing and developing transparent and user-friendly health economic models
• Selecting and applying appropriate analytical techniques and methodologies (e.g. statistics, epidemiology, econometrics etc.)
• Performing systematic literature reviews
• Analysing, synthesising and presenting data extracted from health and social care databases (real world data) to inform models (e.g. budget impact, CEA)
• Teaching
• Actively contributing to The Health Economics Unit’s, and your, public profile and presence through posters, abstracts, academic publications and presentations at academic conferences, events and in the social media
• Providing advanced health economics and analytical services to strategic healthcare projects and programmes in the form of prospective service modelling, retrospective analyses, evaluations and descriptive analyses
• Building relationships with stakeholders and industry partners
• Developing proposals to meet client project briefs including resource requirements, cost estimates and timescales and developing new business opportunities and services
About you
We are looking for someone that is passionate and enthusiastic about using health economics to make informed decisions on resource allocation, help transform how healthcare is delivered, and improve the lives of our population. The HEU creates fantastic, useful insights by working in collaboration and partnership, internally and externally, and we need people that will thrive in this environment.
Agile working and flexibility
As an organisation, we have radically adopted the principles of agile working in order to support the flexibility and work/life balance of our people, focusing on what you do rather than where you do it. The team and individuals working with you may be based all over the UK. Whereyouare based and work from is not an issue for us. Although we plan to have a London office, we will continue to be flexible, offering the opportunity to work both from home and an office in the future.
Notes and review
This is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities, and the postholder may be required to undertake other duties which fall within the grade of the job, in discussion with their manager. This job description will be reviewed regularly in the light of changing service requirements and any such changes will be discussed with the postholder.

This job description is intended as an outline indicator of general areas of activity and will be amended in light of the changing needs of the organisation. It will be reviewed in conjunction with the postholder on an annual basis.

The postholder will be an employee of the NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) and as such will be required to uphold and abide by all CSU policies on, for example: information governance, data protection and confidentiality; equality and diversity; safeguarding children and adults; and health and safety (this is not an exhaustive list).

This advert closes on Monday 10 May 2021

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