Nursery Manager

Job details
Posting date: 21 April 2021
Salary: £20,000 per year
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 21 May 2021
Location: Taplow, Maidenhead
Company: St Nicolas Playgroup
Job type: Permanent
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1. ‘Hands on’ Manager and a role model of good practice and continuous improvement towards our vision for an `outstanding` pre-school.

2. To effectively lead and manage a team of qualified practitioners including recruitment, retention, providing day to day guidance, training and support to all staff.

3. To ensure all operational policies, procedures and curriculums are implemented and adhered to at all times.

4. To keep up to date with equality and other relevant legislation and inform staff of relevant legislative duties and to work in partnership with other members of staff and external agencies to help ensure equality of opportunity for all children, parents, carers, guardians and staff.

5. To manage all day to day operations of the nursery.

6. To work closely with the setting’s SENCO to ensure effective implementation of the Special Educational Needs policy and procedures. To ensure that every child’s individual needs are known and met in an environment that is free from discrimination where each child is valued and respected. To support SENCO named person to set up relevant Assess, Plan, Do, Review (APDR) paperwork and to put into practise, updating and reviewing as required allowing adequate support and intervention.

7. To take responsibility for daily health and safety checks and regular risk assessments, including toy and equipment maintenance, outside areas and outings.

8. To develop partnerships with parents, carers and guardians signposting to meet the needs of the family.

9. To be the designated Safeguarding officer responsible for welfare and safety of children to ensure that any welfare or child protection concerns are acted upon immediately and appropriately.

10. To manage and implement the Early Education Free Entitlement, in line with the local funding agreement.

11. To ensure that the setting is meeting the National Childcare Standards in all areas.

12. To be keyworker for up to 5 children, updating their records and monitoring their progress

13. To oversee and check all other keyworker files ensuring progression is being recorded for all children and that they are reaching their full potential and support staff to achieve such outcomes.

14. To action directives from Bucks County Council/Buckinghamshire Learning Trust and keeping up to date with EYFS developments including all training needs. Being responsible for staff files checking all their training is up to date and records of all appraisals, supervisory meetings on a termly basis, discussed and filed accordingly.

15. Liaise with all Committee members at all times, reminding them of dates for meetings, pending annual events and to support them with the organisation of these. Particularly during the Autumn term check they are supported by previous Committee members and have been given adequate handovers. Seek and organise support from Bucks County Council.

16. To update, review and reflect on the setting’s Self Evaluation Form to be submitted to Ofsted on an annual basis.

17. To collate staff hours for wages data and hand over to Treasurer on a monthly basis for processing wages. Produce half termly data records of children who are not funded for invoicing fees.

18. General administration including collating and updating half termly child data to produce;

Register lists, password list, children day list, Injuries outside setting list, keyworker list, allergy list, 2 year old list, and image consents list. Once children reach 3rd birthdays begin to process their funding forms liaising with parent their eligibility for the term after their 3rd birthday.

19. Bucks County Council Census and other Audits to complete when required.

20. Respond to enquiry emails for the group and any other emails from Committee Members, County, and Ofsted.

21. Regularly update the Bucks Family Service portal for the Playgroup including new Committee members, staff details, information about the Setting and Send Offer.

22. To organise and liaise with local Community and encourage involvement with them, establishing links. This will include the local school, church, parents who have skills to share to benefit the children, the local Children’s Centre.

23. To be responsible for implementing systems of observations and record keeping so that the children’s attainment and progress are effectively assessed and to monitor the effectiveness of the assessment procedures.

24. Organise termly meetings with Committee members, producing reports of children numbers to keep an eye on sustainability, forecasting future numbers for the next curriculum year, remind of term dates and other pending dates in calendar and any other important business.

25. To be a team player and support with setup of pre-school and when needed.


Essential criteria

1. Proven experience of working in a pre-school setting.

2. Level 3 early years education and childcare qualification or equivalent, and a commitment to obtaining a level 4 qualification.

3. Sound understanding of child development, and of children's needs.

4. Ability to plan and implement a pre-school curriculum, taking into account the SEN Code of Practice, child protection procedures and equal opportunities’ considerations.

5. Demonstrable and detailed knowledge of current legislation relevant to the early years.

6. Ability to work with parents and families to encourage their involvement.

7. Ability to effectively market the pre-school to maximise occupancy levels and fee income.

8. Ability to effectively lead and manage a team of adults, including conducting performance management processes e.g. induction, supervision meetings, appraisals and setting objectives.

9. Commitment to equal opportunities and an understanding of equality and diversity issues.

10. Ability to write clear reports.

11. At least two years experience in a management or leader role.

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