B6 Continuity of Carer Case loading Midwife, HHFT community

Job details
Posting date: 19 April 2021
Salary: Not specified
Additional salary information: £31,365 - £37,890 pa pro rata
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 19 May 2021
Location: Winchester, SO22 5DG
Company: Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: 3095366/251-FCSS4186-AM-AK

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A Vacancy at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

‘Week in the life’ of a Continuity of Carer Midwife (working 30 hours p/w ) We can also offer Full time 37.5 hours p/w

We have vacancies are on all 3 sites within Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust - ANDOVER, BASINGSTOKE AND WINCHESTER

‘Week in the life’ of a Continuity of Carer Midwife (working 30 hours p/w)


I start my week with a 9-5 community day. I have 4 antenatal appointments booked; my first woman has contacted me to ask to re-arrange her appointment, which I do. I use my first hour to catch up on admin and make a safeguarding referral. During the day I complete my other 3 appointments. One 28/40 appointment requires an interpreter, so I have allowed extra time to ensure I am able to discuss everything necessary and answer all her questions. I also have a 16/40 appointment, which I am carrying out at a woman’s home at her request. Following this I return to the hub to complete a booking appointment. This lady has an extensive history of mental health difficulties, we spend time discussing this and talking through options, plans of care and services available to support her. After the appointment I process all referrals and requests for screening. I also email the team consultant to let them know of a woman’s medical history; she has a family history of brain aneurysm and will need input from the obstetric team during her pregnancy. I leave at 1730, dropping my booking bloods off on the way home.


On-call for labour care working 0800-2000. I am currently not needed at the moment. There are a couple of postnatal visits that need to be completed. After the first visit I receive a call from a woman on our caseload that has been in labour since the early hours of the morning, she is requesting an assessment at home. I contact a team member, who has time to see the second postnatal lady whilst I attend the labour assessment. I assess the woman, she is contracting well, 4:10, I carry out a vaginal examination at her request. She is 4cm, fully effaced and would like to go into the hospital for pain relief. I inform the unit we are on our way in and arrange to meet the woman and her birth partner there. The labour progresses well, I provide support and intrapartum care and by 1830, the woman is 8cm dilated, so I contact the midwife who is on call for labour care overnight and let her know I will need her to relieve me at 2000. The night midwife arrives at 2000 and after giving a full hand over and wishing the woman luck, I head home for the day.


This is a day off for me, so I spend it relaxing at home.


Today I am in clinic between 0900-1500, then home to rest as I am on call tonight 2000-0800.

I have 4 appointments scheduled for this morning, one is a 28/40 appointment with a woman who is accessing her antenatal care late in pregnancy, and this is her first appointment, so I spend a lot of time with her. Initially it appears she has some mental health difficulties, so we discuss a referral to iTalk, which she consents to. She was not initially happy about the pregnancy and had been undecided as to whether she wished to continue. She lives on her own in a shared house, has recently lost her job. She has no family that live locally and is separated from the baby’s father. We discuss her need for support; I explain that I would like to complete a safeguarding referral due to her late access of maternity care and unstable financial and housing circumstances. She is anxious about me making this referral, I reassure her that it is to gain support for her and baby, therefore she gives consent. I email the safeguarding team to determine whether a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub referral or an Early Help Referral would be more appropriate. I finish at 1500 and head home to rest in case I am needed for my night call tonight.

1900 – I receive a message to say I am needed to take over from our day labour care midwife at 2000, so I get ready to head in to the unit for 2000. I am caring for a multip who is in strong labour; she births a healthy baby girl at 2317. I suture the woman’s 2nd degree tear and continue to provide postnatal care and complete all the necessary paperwork. By 0330 I have transferred her to the postnatal ward, hand over to the staff on the ward and head home to bed at 0400. I keep my phone on as I am on call until 0800, but luckily, I do not receive any further calls. I am not required to work a full day later. I do however, spend a few hours when I wake up checking blood results and chasing various referrals. I then have the weekend off this week, which is lovely so I relax and get ready for another week.

We hope you enjoyed a little look into life as a Continuity of Care Midwife, please refer to the supporting documents for more detailed information. We would love to meet you and tell you more about the amazing work we do every day.

You may be eligible for a relocation package, which consists of 3 months single accommodation supplied by the trust or £500 allowance (before tax) for 3 months for a family relocating.

Should you have any questions please contact: Vikki Pragnell on 07776 251402 or alternatively you can email or Lisa Birkett if you would like any further information.

This advert closes on Monday 3 May 2021

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