Clerk of Works Fire Safety

Job details
Posting date: 13 April 2021
Salary: £14.86 per hour
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 13 May 2021
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Company: Recroot ltd
Job type: Contract
Job reference: 0004 38AC / 1

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Recroot are working with Kirklees Council who are looking for a Clerk of Works (Fire Safety) to join them, asap..

The role of Clerk of Works plays a key role within the KNH fire safety team, providing invaluable onsite and technical support to the team – works will range from the delivery of fire safety upgrade programmes to individual site inspections to a variety of stock including low-rise accommodation, high-rise tower blocks, specialist accommodation and commercial premises.

 Provide technical expertise on building fire safety that will benefit the delivery of fire safety upgrade programmes and the resolving of FRA actions across the borough of Kirklees, which achieve the highest standards of fire safety.
 Supervise contractors and specialist suppliers during the delivery fire safety upgrade programmes and the completion of FRA actions.
 Providing an assurance that works have been carried out to the agreed specifications and approved method statements of installations, ensuring approved quality standards are being maintained at each stage of installation.
 Maintain comprehensive records of fire safety works delivered onsite, ensuring an evidence package of completed works is compiled and recorded
 Inspect works at various stages of their installation, providing technical guidance and ongoing support to installers.
 Undertake regular reviews of work in progress and report overall progress against programme highlighting risks and issues with detailed mitigation
 Report to Technical Officers and other stakeholders, providing specialist technical fire safety advice relating to scope and specification.
 Resolve on-site technical queries, using fire safety expertise to seek solutions relating to specifications and scope works.
 Deliver all operational aspects of your relevant service/business area.
 Use onsite knowledge to contribute to the development of specification and selection of approved suppliers and products
 Promote a customer focused environment, developing key relationships with building occupants, providing information and advice relating to ongoing work programmes and general fire safety within their home.
 Act as a fire safety champion in all aspects of this role
 Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to monitor, analyse and deliver improvements across all relevant performance indicator areas in order to increase customer satisfaction.
 Prepare professional and clearly written communications to colleagues, partners and customers – using terminology appropriate for the recipient.
 Participate in team service reviews and service planning as required and ensure any arising individual actions are implemented.
 Be a proactive and supportive team player and actively assist others to adapt and cope with change.
 Contribute when required to the development of policies and processes across the organisation to ensure that high quality consistent services are delivered.
 Act as an ambassador and a positive role model through the promotion of KNH’s purpose, vision, behaviours, achievements and successes.

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