Single-minded dynamic sales person with entrepreneurial spirit wanted

Job details
Posting date: 26 October 2020
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 25 November 2020
Location: London, UK
Company: Globe Trade Overseas LTD
Job type: Contract
Job reference: AUR-UK3

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About us

Since having started our business in January 2005, we got a well-established company in retailing and wholeselling products for conservators and restorers like e.g. for restoring vintage objects such as furniture, paintings, cabinets and others.
According to our corporate philosphy, our customers in particular are consisting of end-users / individuals and small-cap/mid-cap businesses. Our history is marked by a continual prosperity with a year-by-year strong steady growth in our domestic market Germany - the same goes for all our international partners, too! As a part of the luxury market we haven`t faced a decline stage.

Now, after ten years of going international with partners in Austria, the Czech Republick Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Russia and Switzerland, we are seeking for active, single-minded as well as for "hungry for success"-hunting freelancing / self-emloyed partners for developing and managing his / her business activities according to our lead in the highly promising market of the United Kingdom as well.


Offer description

Note: Our vacancy addresses to people who want to work full time, part time based on basis of self-employment/freelancing

We, a german-based and with almost fivteen (15) years of corporate history even well-established but still highly dynamically growing company, retailing in the field of chemicals and products for conservators with a broad and keep on growing client base all across Europe, are looking for somebody which can identify himself / herself with the following attributes aiming to open up his / her activities in the very promising and prosperous european core market GREAT BRITAIN / UNITED KINGDOM

- You are a native speaker (m/f) or at least with a well-founded
knowledge of the english language with the idea of starting up
his / her own freelancing (online) business / self-employed
web-based online retailing company according to our in the
german market long-term very successfully proven concept

- You are characterized by loving 100% personal independence at
work as well as full freedom in decision making (no Franchising,
no tight or restrictive rules set from our side anyway, just using
our consult and recommendations), aiming to developing and
growing a successful business like ours your own way but benefitting from our successful business concept for your home market?

- You are definitely characterized by the ability of self-motivation, diligence, reliability and blessed
with an active entrepreneurial spirit being "a businessman / a businesswoman from head to toe"?

- You want to work from home with flexible working hours

- You are interested in the B2B and B2C market as well

- You don`t want to enter any costs or fees for ideas (such as the classic franchising business
does ask)?

- You are interested in the amazing variety and participating in the bright future of online business,
seeking for a good idea and in particular a really STABLE and STEADY busines model as well?

- You either already do know the relevant national laws and legislation in Great Britain / in the
United Kingdom with regard to online retailing activities (in particular on selling our
products) or would be willing to devote yourself to those?

- You are living in the United Kingdom?

- You are having or you could organize storing faclities (no big volume required)?

- You are either feeling comfortable with or having a positive attitude towards or you could
imagine working in the market for our products - products for conservators / restorers - in
your country and you are bearing will and single-mindness to occupy yourself with our
market and products autodidactically (Of course, we would support you here about all
matters and questions if you should not already be experienced about)

What can you expect from us:

- our full and lifetime support on starting and establishing your business, based upon
our appoximately 15 years of know how and experience in our business field – from
marketing to fields of use on our products, industries to address, all certificates
required, ...

- our latest spreadsheet file on our whole shop system: Just import our shop system
with one click on the "enter key" into your website. Its a easy as 1,2,3 ...

- fair and square terms & conditions on all levels

- quick support on all your questions and concerns

- EXCLUSIVITY from our side on your country`s market: You will be our one and only sales & distribution partner on our whole assortiment across the whole UK and (if you do want that) for Ireland, too!

If all this does apply to you, you definitely should not hesitate to contact us straight ahead. We are looking forward to leading a call with you to check into our possibilites in common.

Your contact person for further information:

Frank Hoh

Manager Sales & International Markets

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