Registered Nurse (Flexable Days & Nights)

Job details
Posting date: 26 October 2020
Salary: £15.00 to £17.00 per hour
Additional salary information: contact 01924 459000
Hours: Part time
Closing date: 25 November 2020
Location: WF12 0JZ
Company: Field Head Court Nursing Home
Job type: Permanent
Job reference:

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Knowledge and experience of working at a supervisory level, providing evidence of leadership qualities.
Experienced in meeting the needs of older people.
Evidence of high level commitment to professional development, training and education

Must demonstrate a high standard of inter-personal skills and communication, good leadership qualities including delegation
and the co-ordination of teams within the home.
Ability to organise, make decisions both clinical and professional evidencing knowledge of NMC guidelines and CQC
Essential standards.


1 To observe agreed standards in providing the best possible quality of nursing care to all patients,
contributing to the overall efficiency and development of the service.
2 Responsible for ensuring that a high quality of nursing care is delivered within a framework of agreed standards.

3 To work as part of a Multi-disciplinary team providing support and advice in the decision making process,
ensuring a quality delivery of service.
4 To provide clinical expertise in all aspects of nursing care.

5 Participate in the education and assessment of the care team, including any nursing students.

6 Responsible for the accurate documentation of all records, establishing new documentation as appropriate.

7 Participate in covering the rota for uncovered shifts so that continuity of care can be provided to the service
users within the team.
8 Assist in the assessment of care needs, the development, implementation and evaluation of the programmes of
care and the setting of standards of care aimed at providing a high quality service.
9 Participate in the admission planning involving the service user.

10 Will have the skills to manage distressing situations as a result of dealing with service users with chronic
and terminal illnesses. Will show empathy to families and friends and support to junior staff.
11 Will require a high degree of concentration due to dispensing correct drugs and dosage whilst working within
a demanding area.
12 Administer medicines as prescribed adhering to Roche Healthcare Ltd's Administration and Management of
Medicines policy and procedures and NMC guidelines.
13 Has the responsibility to put items away for safe keeping belonging to the service users and maintain
appropriate and accurate records.
14 Actively encourage in an understanding and sensitive manner, the participation of relatives/carers aswell as
service users in the planning and provision of care.
15 Promote a professional and happy environment, conducive to a high service user and staff morale achieved
by leadership, personal example and direct involvement.
16 To work flexibly within the home environment at the discretion of the Home Manager.

17 In the absence of the Home Manager, monitor standards, ensuring that policies and procedures
are carried out correctly.
18 Ensure the maintenance of accurate records, having due regard to legal aspects and confidentiality
19 Be conversant with fire, health and safety, infection control, first aid and accident policies and procedures.

20 Attend all statutory training courses including adult protection sessions.

21 Support and monitor any practices that have internal risk i.e. infection control and ensure that procedures
are carried out correctly.
22 Maintain a safe working environment at all times, ensuring staff are aware of their responsibilities.

23 To work in compliance with all Company policies and procedures.

24 Ensure the safe use of equipment by yourself and others. Reporting of any poor practices to enable staff to be
referred for further training.
25 Be aware of, and involved in, current trends of nursing and contribute new ideas to promote high standards
of patient care.
26 Have skills in dealing with the communication of complex and sensitive information.

27 Participate in the induction and NVQ programme for new and existing staff, offering support and guidance.

28 Being an authorised signatory for signing overtime on time sheets and agency sheets where required ensuring

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