Care Worker

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Posting date: 19 November 2019
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 19 December 2019
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Company: Glasgow Eastend Community Carers
Job type: Permanent
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Job Description
Job Description - Care Worker

Work Area: Designated Locality/Neighborhood

Hours of Work: As agreed


To provide high quality person-centred support to individuals, both within their home and in the community, in accordance with East End Community Carers’ Mission Statement, and the Care Standards and Codes of Practice issued by the Scottish Social Services Council.
To help individuals plan their support consistently with their agreed outcomes, accessing both formal and informal support networks, and to promote the rights and choices of the people you support.
To constantly monitor the quality and appropriateness of support, and to ensure good ‘team-work’ is developed and maintained between all people involved in a person’s support.
To be aware of carers issues and concerns when engaging with service users and families.
RESPONSIBILITIES – with people who are supported

To build warm, caring, and positive relationships with people receiving support, and to keep the individual’s best interests in mind at all times.
To provide direct practical help, advice and guidance to individuals in all areas of their life as required. This support should at all times respect the person’s rights and personal dignity and value, and should be provided in a manner that is entirely non-discriminatory, sensitive (to needs and wants), image enhancing, and empowering.
Areas of support activity may include; personal care (including intimate areas of self-care such as washing, dressing or using the toilet), domestic home care, financial matters (including maximising income and managing expenditure), emotional and physical wellbeing, education or employment, and general social or leisure areas (including making and maintaining friendships/relationships).
To work creatively to help individuals recognise achievements, celebrate successes, assist informed decision making, identify problems and find ways of resolving them, and to take advantage of opportunities, gain new experiences, and develop life-skills and confidence.
To use person-centred planning tools to help individuals (along with other important people in their lives) identify future aspirations, and current support needs and preferences, and consider how these can best be met.
To support individuals to co-ordinate their own formal and informal support (families, friends and other interested people), or where necessary or desired to co-ordinate this support on their behalf.
To liaise with other agencies with and on behalf of individuals to enable access to appropriate resources and services (including specialist services).
To support advocacy (whether it be self advocacy, citizen or group advocacy), and to promote active participation within GEECC.

To communicate effectively, and to work positively and co-operatively with managers, other employees, workers from other agencies and members of the public (including family and friends of people who get support) – and to keep supported individuals as the main focus of your efforts.
To take your personal and professional development seriously, at work this will include your active involvement in supervision, and also (where identified as appropriate) taking part in meetings, forums, and training.
To maintain records in a wide range of areas (including using non-writing based methods such as graphics/photos, audio/visual tapes, computers etc…).
To understand issues of confidentiality in relation to your work and individuals who are supported and to ensure this is maintained.
To provide support, or be available to provide support, in line with agreed practice/local arrangements; which is likely to include participating in a rota, sleep-over cover, and a range of fixed time or flexible time arrangements.
To help ensure that people’s homes are safe, secure and comfortable by offering support, undertaking tasks directly, and where appropriate arranging servicing/repairs, and/or advising line manager of concerns or reporting direct to relevant others.
To be aware of the Health and Safety Policy of GEECC and understand your own responsibilities within this, and to actively use risk assessment practices (to avoid or minimise risk) in all areas of your work and support.
To be aware of and follow all procedures and practices of GEECC (as laid out in the Procedures Handbook).
To conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the expectations of other bodies (eg, Service Level Agreements/Contracts with funding agencies, the Care Inspectorate, and Scottish Social Services Council).
To undertake other duties within the main objectives of the post as requested by people you support, colleagues, or by your line manager.
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £9.00 /hour

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