Artist/ Graphic Designer (disability support available)

Job details
Posting date: 18 November 2019
Salary: £8.41 to £10.50 per hour
Additional salary information: Lunch, company trip
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 18 December 2019
Location: Fife, Scotland
Company: Fox Publishing
Job type: Permanent
Job reference:

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We are seeking a Illustrator & digital Artist who can create original graphics & highly detailed digital portraits. The daily job duties are to design in-house projects, as well as supporting our authors and work with our freelance film production team that is working on a educational (partly animation) series for one of our publications.

We need a wide range of digital illustration styles, but we’ll need - digital illustration with photoshop, graphic illustrations from Adobe Illustrator all likewise.

ALL Applications must have prof of work attached to their CV, no application will be reviewed, without proof of (min) 3 images that show the range of skill & range that you can bring to our growing team. Applicants do not need proof of university or education in said field, but our company relies on personal ability.

Full-time, hourly pay at: £8.41 - £10+
Includes Company lunches, foreign travel & additional paid leave.
Work from home, able

Any candidate that has a working difficulty or disability, shall be provided with Full support and a felixaeble working routine/workplace. Any person applying with any minor illness shouldn’t hesitate to mention their impediment as our company has a higher than average number of autistic, dyslexic and disabled Persons that have help our company grow rapidly.

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