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Solutions Engineer

Job details
Posting date: 22 August 2019
Hours: Full time
Closing date: 20 September 2019
Location: London, UK
Company: The NewMotion EVSE Ltd.
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: ukse1

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Part of the local UK operations team, our Solutions Engineer Operations is responsible for successfully preparing more complex installations based on European standards and the available products and propositions within NewMotion. For these more complex (B2B) installations, site surveys over the phone with the customer and/or the facility manager/home installer are required to get a good understanding of the specific situation of the customer. Sometimes site visit are necessary to be able to create a good design that is the bases for the quote for the installation. The Solutions Engineer Operations is not responsible for phone surveys regarding B2C installations.

The Solutions Engineer Operations reports to our Team Lead Local Operations and works intensively together with our local Sales team and the other local Operations team members.

Your responsibilities will include:
Successfully take in requests from B2B customers regarding complex installations after the first general intake from Sales.
Successfully coordinate surveys over the phone or on site (and if required working together with our partners).
Successfully engineer a design and bill of materials of the proposed charging solution to fulfil customer needs.
Provide support to monitor the performance of NewMotion installation and service partners regarding site surveys and in the realisation of the installation based on the provided design.
Create a learning loop regarding the intake at Sales to make sure all necessary information is gathered to perform an effective and efficient survey.
Provide support for installers that are not our own but being brought in by our customers who want their home installer to perform the installation. This support focuses on the creation of the solution design and potentially support during the installation.
Overlooking the engineering designs for all business installations in the UK but also in non-core countries.
Working with the New Markets team on solution designs and validation of costs from installation partners in new market countries.
Providing training to sales and installation partners. Being the technical resource for a number of departments within NewMotion and partners and clients.
Product improvement, new offering for UK market and improvement of processes for pre-sales and operations.
Conducting site surveys for commercial installations and designing the full solution for each site.

A minimum of 5 years of working experience in a similar role
Must have experience in engineering design, site surveying, overseeing others carrying out site surveys
Technical education; Degree in Electrical Engineering and relevant working experience and knowledge of / demonstrable interest in developments in the market;
You are enthusiastic, proactive and can work independently;
You are able to differentiate between details and headlines whenever necessary, to give direction and make the right decisions
You are able to distinguish baselines and details from each other and set the right priorities in terms of work/workload;
You have excellent communication skills that help you communicate with both commercial and technical people;
Fluent in English is a must;
As part of our team, we enjoy being down-to-earth and aim to have a positive outcome for everyone. We do this by creating trust – and trust comes from transparency, openness and by being up-front as a person.

We offer a competitive salary

Closing date
This advert will be closed for application per 17th of September 2019

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