Job Title: Health Care Assistant

Job details
Posting date: 07 March 2019
Salary: £8.05
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands
Company: Testimony Assembly Social Care Limited
Job type: Permanent
Job reference: jobrefTCBHCAPTFT
Hours: Full time

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Accountable to the Manager Of Testimony Assembly Social Care Limited.
The main purpose of the employment is to provide all aspects of personal and domestic care in the community to enable service users to stay in their own homes and live comfortably. Job roles and activities will include the followings:-
•To maintain a safe environment for service users in their own homes.
•To help with personal care and dressing, and to promote service users independence, dignity, privacy and choice. To help with washing of hair, shaving of male service users.
•Where necessary, helping the service user to get in and out of bed, and bath safely.
•To encourage the service user to mobilise. Encourage leisure activities such as knitting, gardening, sewing, reading etc as desired by the service user.
•To promote independence for service users in their own homes by advising, assisting and communicating with them in all aspects of total care according to the company’s policy and procedure.
•To monitor service user’s health needs, ascertaining when to summon professional help.
•To prompt service users to take prescribed medications.
•To observe service users and write in report folder at end of each shift.
•To monitor service users welfare and report appropriately.
•To do any shopping and minor errands, including collecting prescriptions where necessary.
•To carry out housework such as dusting, tidying, vacuuming, ironing, laundry (or in a launderette), as per care plan.
•To communicate and liaise with other professionals for any services or aids that the service user may need in their home.

•To produce meals of the required type for a well-balanced diet in the required quantities at the required times. To assist service users with eating and drinking where necessary.

•To ensure that all statutory requirements for Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and Fire pre-cautions are implemented.
•To make sure that the service user’s home is warm and clean.
•To provide a “respite” service for carers by assuming the caring role for an agreed period of time in order to allow the carer to take a break.
•To deal with any emergencies which may arise in the absence of the usual carer, inform the manager and the main carer.
•To adjust the temperature and ventilation of the surrounding, varying the amount and type of clothing and regulating the amount of physical activity to control body temperature.
•To attend all supervisory/ appraisals, staff meetings and training sessions as organised by the company.
•To work within the boundaries of the service and comply with the companies policies and procedures.
•To inform the manager of any changes in the service user, and to inform the manager of any untoward event immediately.
•To work in accordance with good practice at all times and carry out other tasks from time to time that may be reasonably required.

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